There is nothing better than gathering with each other in a small group setting for a time of food, fellowship, fun, and deeper Biblical discussion. These Growth Groups help our congregation grow in their faith and in their relationships with one another.
Once a month we gather together to dive into a deep conversation of God’s Word and talk about what He is doing in our lives. These Growth Groups meet at different times so we invite you to find the one that has the best time for you! Groups meet the first week of each month.
  • Three groups meet the first Sunday of each month. They each have lunch following the Sunday morning service
      • Carol Jacobs leads a group that meets at Johnny & Carol’s house.
      • Luke Brown and Daniel Faulkner lead a group that meets at Luke’s house.
      • Bob Rhodes leads a group that meets at Bro. Jerrel and Mrs. Jerri’s house
  • John King’s group meets at the church at 4 PM on the first Sunday of the month. John King leads this group in the fellowship with snacks and drinks provided.
  • Bob Rhodes leads another group on the Tuesday evening following the first Sunday. This group meets at the church, in the fellowship hall.